Maura Higgins And Molly Mae Hague Share Nightmare Boat Trip In Greece

“We nearly died, and that is the truth.”

Molly Mae Hague and Maura Higgins have shared a traumatic experience they had this weekend on their Instagram accounts. The pair are currently on holidays in Crete together with Molly’s sister, Zoe and Maura’s friend Jay Birmingham.

The group decided to rent a yacht for the day but unfortunately didn’t quite get what they bargained for. Sharing to Instagram Maura said they “nearly died” whilst on the boat trip.

To begin with it seems the boat wasn’t quite what they had booked with Maura saying it was “what we thought was a beautiful yacht.”

Watching both Molly and Maura’s Instagram stories the group look visibly alarmed as the boat rocked back and forth. Molly’s sister Zoe can be seen demanding the crew turn around and take them back to shore.

Afterwards, once they were back on the island Maura said; “We nearly died, and that is the truth,” and “I don’t know how I’m here right now,” Molly added.

Showing some more videos of the event, the pair said that the boat felt unsafe as the waters were so choppy. They shared more footage and Maura can be seen curled up on the sofa “petrified” whilst her hairdresser and friend Jay has his head pressed to the table and was “nearly vomiting.”

Sharing more to her stories Maura posted; “Basically the waves were that bad that the boat was almost capsizing and the drivers don’t speak english. There were no life jackets.”

“We were both fearing for our lives.”

Thankfully, they’re all now back on solid ground!


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