Maura Higgins Hits Back After Being Called Out For Photoshopping

She's having none of it.


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Maura Higgins is a certified babe, and this is a fact.

However, like any major influencer, she’s no stranger to being accused of photoshopping her pics.

The star posted a snap of herself to Instagram wearing a crop top and pink Tom Ford trousers with a black waistband.

Due to the folds in the waistband of the trousers, many people took to the comments to call her out for editing the photo and enhancing her abs.

“I love this sis so much but that waistband is fishy,” one person commented, “I’m sure she’s fit af even without whatever edit she used there”

“Is that a bad photo shop job on the waist? 🤷‍♀️ stunning girl with an amazing body, no need to edit if it is x”


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A post shared by MAURA HIGGINS (@maurahiggins)

Another added: “So much photoshop in that first one I’ve gone cross eyed”

Shortly after the pic was posted, Maura took to Instagram Stories to respond. “Nahhh my dms are full… “too much photoshop” proud to say no hunnys this is me & my raw camera roll from last night,” she wrote.

She then shared a screen-recorded video, of her camera roll taken and flicked through the various photos on the night to show her waist looking the same in all pics.

“Just brightened and sharpened… Sue me,” she added.

Though many comments under the pic were sceptical, others shared their praise for how good Maura looked. Maura’s BFF Molly-Mae wrote: “Can’t wait to steal this outfit x bye”


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