Maura Higgins Opens Up About Dealing With Online Trolls

"I think people forget that you’re human.” 


Most Love Island contestants unfortunately end up having to deal with some level of trolling once they leave the villa. It’s a sad reality for anyone who is propelled to fame, especially if that fame came from a reality TV show.

Being able to tune in every night to a show gives you a lot of insight into a person and unfortunately gives trolls more fuel for their fire. Maura Higgins has had to deal with quite a lot of trolling, after her appearance on Love Island last year as well as after taking part in this year’s Dancing on Ice.


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Whilst on an Instagram Live chat with the CEO of Ann Summers they discussed this topic. Maura said she thinks sometimes people forget that she’s a real person when they’re sending nasty messages; “Being in the public eye, I think people forget that you’re human.”

“I can’t understand how someone can get up in the morning and slate somebody on social media about their looks, about their body.”

Elaborating further she explained; “People think celebrities can take all this abuse. We all have feelings and we’re all different. It is awful really.”


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Speaking about how this can effect someones mental health she reminded her followers; “Instagram is not real life. We have all these tools and filters, the whole shebang.”

Ending on a positive and empowering note the Longford native said; “We are all women, we all have stretch marks we all have cellulite, it can be airbrushed away and just remember that.”

Could we love her anymore?


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