Maura Higgins Opens Up About The Scary Moment She Found A Stranger In Her Garden

"It was like something from a horror film"


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Maura Higgins has opened up about how it feels to have fans turn up at her home, revealing to her Instagram followers about some ‘scary’ moments.

After rising to fame on Love Island, Maura moved from Longford to London, where she has revealed that: “I’ve had groups of people stand outside my window, like groups of young people, saying, ‘Maura is in there!’

“I’ve had to close my curtains. I think people have figured out where I live now, which obviously isn’t the best because you lose your privacy then.”

Maura also revealed a recent moment where she came across a man in her garden attempting to take photos of her,

“It definitely is scary. Especially with the elderly man, that really scared me. I was sitting outside in my dressing gown and I just turned my head and he was so close to me.”


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A post shared by MAURA HIGGINS (@maurahiggins)

She continued, “Where my seating area is outside, the bush is right next to it and I looked and saw this man… it was like something from a horror film. He was holding his phone up and I could hear him taking pictures. I was like, ‘Oh my God’.

“That’s definitely one of the downsides to being in the public eye, but the upsides do outweigh the downsides”.



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