Maura Higgins Shares That After Love Island She Felt “Trapped And Alone”

"I wasn’t myself for about a year."

Despite being one of the most-loved and bubbly characters on last year’s Love Island, Maura Higgins has revealed that the experience left her feeling “trapped and alone.”

Like many, being in the public eye is fun and exciting when you’re in it, but trying to return to some sort of normality afterwards can be difficult.


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Maura opened up about this in a recent Q&A on her Instagram account. A follower asked her; “How have you adapted with your new found fame?”

The Longford native firstly seemed happy that someone had asked this; “This is actually a really, really good one.”

“I didn’t adapt very well, if you ask any of my close friends and family, like I struggled a lot, which is quite strange because I’m so strong,” she began.


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Maura also shared that she moved over to the UK immediately after the reality show ended and that all she had was “a case full of bikinis!”

“I think I found it harder because I was away from home and work was so crazy busy!”

“I wasn’t myself for about a year, and even my mum told me I lost that bubbly side to me.”

Despite this, Maura did share that now, over a year on from the show, she is feeling far better and more like herself again; “I couldn’t help but feel trapped and alone but I am now very settled and content.”


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