Lindsay Lohan Had The Perfect Response To MTV’s Tweet About Mean Girls Day

Posting from her sick bed and all.

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‘On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.’

‘It’s October 3rd.’

If those two lines of dialogue don’t have you running for your Noughties DVD collection, then you’re obviously not as fetch as we thought you were.

Yesterday, October 3rd, has long been dubbed as Mean Girls Day by fans of the 2003 film, in honour of the moment transfer student Cady tries her hand at flirting with Aaron Samuels for the first time.

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One person who was definitely delighted for the day to roll around was actress Lindsay Lohan, who starred in the film at the pinnacle of her teenage acting career. Currently in hospital nursing a severe injury to her left finger after a boating accident, the 30-year-old had plenty of time to celebrate the day on social media.

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Her first move? Responding to this tweet by MTV about the day in question:

“Not for me,” she wrote in response to the tweet, no doubt prompting MTV’s social media manager to have a mini-meltdown at his-her desk.

Lindsay was also sure to be first in this year with her Mean Girls reference, WhatsApping her friend Laura Slater to ask, “What day is it?”

@_lauraslater #deal #nationalmeangirlsday #mynailbedssuck

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Let’s face it, you definitely did it too.


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