Meet Dublin Instagrammer Ella May, The Most Fashionable 5-Year-Old Around

Irish girl Ella May has more style in her (very) little finger than most fashion bloggers out there – check out some of her best looks.

Fashionable folk are 10 a penny on Instagram, which is why eclectic, will-wear-anything style always makes us do a double take. And when it’s on a five-year-old Dubliner by the name of Ella May, well: we mos def pay attention!

Ella May’s not the first Insta-tot to garner a big online following (she’s at 15K and counting, but, y’know, she’s only a baby) – she’s following in the tiny footsteps of @babyellestyle, @ministylehacker, @fashion_laerta, @kelli_murray (not solely kids, but her daughter Rylee’s worth keeping an eye on!), @gavster_07 and @miss_gabby_13.

What marks all of these cool kids out from their peers? Well, we think accessories have a large part to play: you don’t see that many baby infants rocking up to school rocking a cross-body handbag, a pair of Ray-Bans or an Hermes belt, and Ella May carries them off with aplomb.

With the market saturated with grown-up fashion bloggers, mini-me styling might just be the way forward – watch this space!