Meghan Markle’s Stunning LA Home Is For Sale, If You’re Interested And Recently Won The Lotto…

Arty, yet Insta-pretty!


We love trawling through photos of beautiful homes we could never afford, including that of a duchess!

Meghan Markle’s home in LA is currently up for sale for around €1.6 million, if you’re looking to relocate, and have recently won the lotto.

It’s just recently been added to the real estate website and there are plenty of photos for you to lust after.

It’s described on the website as: “Rare colonial Hancock Park charmer with so much sunshine!” How very American!

It also boats ‘abundant off-street parking’, an open floor plan, four ‘sunshine-filled larger bedrooms’ and a ‘park-like grassy yard’.

It’s a pretty big house, with a lot to take in, so let’s break it down for you.

The house

It’s got loads of lovely windows, which would explain all that sunshine they talk about, and a big front garden including some type of palm tree. Pretty stunning from the first look…

The sitting rooms

Yep, plural, because the big sitting room leads onto this smaller one for some reason.

The big one has white couches, velvet cushions and gold furniture, very on-trend. It’s huge and light and features a dining room table that looks out onto the back garden.

Then off to the side is this other, smaller lounging area, which I suppose would be handy if you and your other half wanted to watch two different things on TV?! (You’d have to bring your own TV.)

The Kitchen 

It’s very pretty and clean and full of marble, but it’s surprisingly small for such a grand house. Which is strange because we do know that Meghan likes to cook. IDK we guess if you were rich you wouldn’t need to use your kitchen.

The Bedrooms 

The part we’re arguably most nosey about is the bedrooms. There are four of them, and they’re all huge with loads of closet space and big windows. Two of them have stunning bathrooms, but we’ll get to that.

If you moved into any one of these an added just a few personal touches, you’d have a dream room for yourself!

The bathrooms

As previously mentioned, two of the bedrooms (including the pretty pink one) have beautiful bathrooms, complete with marble, gorgeous tiles, gold finishes and proper baths.

If one of you buy it and we could just come and stay in the bath, that would be great!  

The back yard 

And finally, we have the back garden, which has a gorgeous porch where you can chill on a summer’s evening with some wine, and there’s a set of table and chairs outside too for your fancy dinner parties. Plus loads of green grass to hang out on for picnics or whatever rich people do!


Interested? You can buy it here


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