Men Are Apparently Using Glue-Based Condoms And It Sounds Seriously Painful

It was in development for four years.

Men are apparently using a glue-based sticker called a Jiftip to cover the tip of their penises as an alternative to condoms… because it’s 2017 and people are strange.

After four years of development, the makers of the sticker claim it forms a strong bond to the flesh, blocking semen from getting out.

Then, when he’s ready to climax, he simply needs to pull out and rip the sticker off.

On the FAQ section of their website, it was asked whether or not it hurts to take the Jiftip off. And the developers’ answer? “Yes, it does hurt. But you quickly build a tolerance to it, like drinking a beer, strange at first, suddenly you’re addicted.”

Jiftip claims to only protect pleasure and convenience, not STI’s or pregnancy, so it’s not an ideal form of contraception… Which raises the question: why bother?

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