Michelle Obama Revealed She’s Suffering From ‘Low-Grade Depression’ In Candid Interview

She opened up about her emotional dips and sleepless nights.


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In a new interview on The Michelle Obama Podcast, the former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about how she’s been feeling recently with her latest episode guest, journalist for The Washington Post Michele Norris.

In a year where everyone is feeling a rollercoaster of emotions, between fear, heartbreak, and worry for the future, it’s say to say the uncertainty of what’s ahead has certainly never felt so unanimous and as America face a new presidential election, Michelle is feeling all of those emotions at once.

From the ongoing pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement, Trump’s administration to navigating our new normal, Michelle candidly spoke about all the elements which have recently impacted how she’s feeling and have lead her to feel quite low.

“I’m waking up in the middle of the night because I’m worrying about something, or there’s a heaviness. These are not, they are not fulfilling times spiritually… I know that I am dealing with some form of low-grade depression.”

With the coming election this November, Michelle noted that what’s going on is quite “dispiriting” and her fear is very present.


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“[It’s] not just because of the quarantine, but because of the racial strife, and just seeing this administration, watching the hypocrisy of it, day in and day out, is dispiriting.”

Speaking about racial injustice and the global push on the Black Lives Matter movement following the tragic murder of George Floyd, Michelle noted how tough it is to wake up to these stories and tragedies which are still so present in 2020.

“Waking up to yet another story of a black man or a black person somehow being dehumanised, or hurt, or killed, or falsely accused of something… and it has led to a weight that I haven’t felt in my life, in a while,” she explained.

And when it comes to her recent depression, Michelle also bravely opened up about what she’s doing to combat the negative feelings, explaining that routine is key, she noted that regardless of how she’s feeling, the way the world is right now should encourage us all to keep busy and not leave ourselves sit idle for too long.

Michelle was also recently joined by her husband, Barack Obama for the first episode of the podcast which debuted on July 29.


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Speaking about how she fell in love with the former president of the United States, Michelle said:

“One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you are guided by the principle that we are each other’s brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.”

To which Barack responded: “It wasn’t just my looks … that’s OK.”

These two.

You can listen to the podcast here.