Miley Cyrus Told Brody Jenner To ‘Take A Nap’ After He Joked About Her Kissing His Ex

This is a love square we never expected, TBH.

We barely had time to recover from the news of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s split when photos emerged of the singer kissing another woman.

And who was that woman? None other than The Hills star Brody Jenner’s very recent ex, Kaitlynn Carter. Let’s back up a bit.

Kaitlynn and Brody announced their split on August 3 – they got married last year in Indonesia, but the wedding was an unofficial ceremony, meaning they were never legally wed.

It’s not clear how Miley and Kaitlynn came to meet (though it’s probably something to do with how all famous people are connected in some way), but for the past few days they’ve been on holidays in Italy, posting an assortment of bikini pics.

Then yesterday, we discovered that Miley and Liam were ending things after about six months of marriage, and Entertainment Tonight swiftly released photos of Miley and Kaitlynn kissing by the pool in Lake Como.

An eyewitness told the website that they were “not trying to hide it at all” and were “fully on a date”. Fully! On! A! Date!

Miley’s first Instagram post since the announcement of her and Liam’s split was a rambling missive about mountains and not fighting evolution, which could have been a comment on her split, but also could have been about climate change?

“Don’t fight evolution, because you will never win,” she wrote. “Like the mountain I am standing on top of, which was once under water, connected with Africa, change is inevitable.”

The Dolomites were not created overnight, it was over millions of years that this magnificent beauty was formed. My dad always told me “Nature never hurries but it is always on time”… it fills my heart with peace and hope KNOWING that is true.

“I was taught to respect the planet and its process and I am committed to doing the same with my own.”

OK, we think she’s saying that change is inevitable in life, you just have to respect your own ‘process’ and let it happen. Fair enough.

Brody is also respecting his process, posting a photo of himself standing on a cliff in Malibu, along with the caption: “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” Poignant!

His mate Brandon Lee (Pamela Anderson’s son, just so you know) commented jokingly saying they should post a picture of themselves “making out”, to which Brody replied:

Watch out! Pics of Liam and I holding hands on the beach coming soon.

Miley was less than impressed at him cracking jokes, it seems.

“Go take a nap in your truck and cool off #HotGirlSummer.” That emoji of the two dancing girls was clearly carefully chosen.

Liam has not publicly commented on anything to do with the split so far. What in the name of god is going to happen next? Will it all be featured on the next season of The Hills? We’re on the edges of our seats.