Millie Court Is Shutting Down Those Liam Reardon Cheating Allegations After Their Split

The Love Island champion is setting the record straight!


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While life inside the Love Island villa is certainly full of drama, last year’s champions  Millie Court and Liam Reardon are proving life on the outside can be just as dramatic.

Following their recent breakup, the pair have been hit with cheating rumours, as fans believed Liam may have been unfaithful.

But Millie is clearing things, explaining that their split wasn’t caused by infidelity.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, the reality star explained, “Nothing happened for us to [break up]. No one cheated. It just was a decision that we made because it wasn’t right for us. I want to stick up for Liam and have his back. He’s not a bad guy.”

The influencer felt she needed to speak out as her and Liam still “get on really, really well”.

But even though they ended thing amicably, the breakup has still been tough on Millie.

As she confessed, “I’m obviously not totally OK, I’m the best Millie that I can be and going through something that’s not very nice.”

‘Liam is the one person I saw every day who understood the life-changing experiences we were both going through. We can’t just cut things off, and we’ll still support each other in all that we do.”


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The pair announced their split earlier this month.

Sharing matching statements to their Instagram stories. Millie wrote, “Hi everyone, to avoid any speculation, Liam and I wanted to share with you that we have separated. It’s been a tough decision and I am gutted but it’s ultimately what is best for us right now.

“Thank you to every single one of you for supporting our relationship. Nothing will ever take away from the amazing experience we shared in Love Island & the past year and I wish Liam all the best in everything he does. We’re both ready for new chapters and I’m excited for what’s next. Love, Millie”

Liam’s statement was very similar to Millie’s admitting he is “so gutted” but that it’s for the best.