TikToker Miriam Mullins Takes A Social Media Break

We're sending Miriam and her boyfriend all our love.

pic via instagram @miriammullins_

Miriam Mullins has decided to take a break from social media after her boyfriend’s mother passed away recently.

The TikTok star took to her Instagram stories on Tuesday to explain her current situation. Miriam also spoke about everything she and her boyfriend have been going through behind the scenes.

In a tribute to her boyfriend’s mother, Miriam wrote on her Instagram story;  “The kindest, funniest & most positive beautiful person there was. You raised the most amazing man who I promise I’ll look after & make the most happiest man alive. RIP Tani Francelle.”

Following the announcement of the tragic news, the influencer explained why she’ll be taking some time away from social media as she wants to focus more time on her personal life and take some time away to grieve.

Pic via Instagram @miriammullins_

She wrote; “Hey everyone. Thanks so much to everyone who’s been so loving & consoling towards Tiaan. He really appreciates it.

“Along with Tiaan’s mum passing there’s another matter going on at home that has needed my attention. I’ve unfortunately gotten a few messages etc for not being with Tiaan in [South Africa] & continuing to work but there’s other stuff going on that people have no idea about & you don’t know the circumstance.

“There’s a lot going on at the moment in my personal life that doesn’t need to be shared on social media so like people do when there’s a family matter I’m taking a couple of days off socials, work commitments & my radio show for this week.

“I sometimes forget it’s ok to take time off but it’s important sometimes when there’s stuff going on at home.”

Pic via Instagram @miriammullins_

The Cork native explained that she has some content pre-filmed which she has scheduled to post over the next few days. She will be back online next week after spending some time with her family.

Since his mother was a South African native, Miriam had previously shared that Tiaan would be travelling home to South Africa to be with his family. The could not travel with her boyfriend because of personal commitments.

Pic via Instagram @miriammullins_

“I’m just gutted I can’t go with him, to be honest, it’s been a very, very tough couple of weeks,” the online star added at the time.

She finally asked for privacy at this difficult time, while also urging fans to keep Tiaan and his family in their prayers.