Molly Mae Has Her Whole Future Wedding Planned Out

It sounds ideal tbf


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Nope, Molly-Mae Hague isn’t engaged right now, but she’s never been shy to share her hopes and plans to marry long-time bae Tommy Fury. The pair have been together since their Love Island days, and are still loved up as a couple. Cuties.

Talking all about her wedding hopes, Molly-Mae shared what her dream day would be like with Cosmopolitan UK.

“My dream wedding, I talk about this all the time to my manager and friends. I want a big wedding in the UK so all my friends and family can come… but I have about four family members and hardly any friends!

“I have a very small circle. I love the idea of a traditional, UK wedding in a church.”

Molly-Mae also opened up about her Love Island experience, and how she feels looking back on her time there with the new season airing soon.


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“I will always be so grateful to my Love Island experience. It shaped me into who I am today. I will never forget it – it enabled me to meet Tommy and so many amazing friends, and catapulted me into this new life that I love.

“I’ve got no regrets about Love Island – I’d do everything the same if I went back on now.”

Molly then shared how she copes with having such a big social media following, and trying to reply to her followers when they message her. “I’m quite bad for making boundaries because I love my job so much. I feel so connected to my followers and always want to share bits of my life.

“But it’s really important when you do put Harry Potter on at the end of the day, to put your phone to one side, and spend time with those around you.”



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