Molly-Mae Shares Personal Reason She Avoids Alcohol On Night’s Out

The 23-year-old has always admitted to not enjoying booze, but recently explained exactly why that is.


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Earlier this week, Molly-Mae Hague’s book Becoming Molly-Mae hit shelves across the UK and Ireland.

In her first memoir, the Love Island star and influencer chatted candidly about her life, growing up, chasing fame and landing her dream job.

But showing a side to the star we never usually see, Molly-Mae disclosed some new information about herself, including the reason behind why she doesn’t drink alcohol.

Often times on Molly-Mae’s vlogs, the influencer will chat about how she’s not drinking, or opting for just one cocktail on a night out, adding that she just doesn’t like drinking.


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But now, she’s delving in deeper and candidly opening up about the real real she turns away from booze.

In her tell-all book, Molly-Mae revealed that when she was 14-years-old, her mother Debbie Gordon turned to alcohol for a “very short time” as a coping mechanism during the breakdown of her marriage to Molly-Mae’s dad.


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Explaining that the period was extremely hard for all of them, the star admitted she felt the roles were reversed and it was Molly-Mae looking after her mom while she was a teenager.

“Sort of explains why I am the way I am with alcohol – I pretty much avoid it. I associate these difficult times after my parents’ divorce with alcohol being involved and my mum drinking too much – understandably because her marriage had broken down,” the 23-year-old writes in her book.

Molly-Mae’s parents have both found love again, with her mom marrying last year and both Molly-Mae and her sister Zoe acting as bridesmaids.

You can purchase Becoming Molly-Mae now at Easons and Waterstones. 

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