Molly-Mae Shares Upset Over Sneaky Paparazzi While On Ibiza Holiday

She explained all in her latest YouTube video.


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A week after an image of Molly-Mae in a bikini during her holiday in Ibiza started doing the rounds on social media, the star has posted a YouTube video discussing how hard it is to deal with the sneaky paps when trying to enjoy some time off.

The Love Islander was left heartbroken last week after she saw the comments attached to her bikini picture. Explaining that she was left devastated to see people negatively speaking about her weight and shape, the star revealed that she ended up wearing a full bathing suit for days after the photo emerged due to the knock to her self confidence.

Sharing a screenshot of the comments on her Twitter at the time, Molly-Mae explained that she can’t fathom why people feel the need to say such belittling things.

And now, discussing the difficulties with paparazzi further in her latest YouTube vlog, Molly-Mae explained that she had to pay an excessive amount of money to get a sunbed by the pool because paparazzi kept snapping her while she was lying next to the sea edge.

“Every location we’ve gone to we’ve been getting papped” explained Molly-Mae.

“They’ve been getting some really, really flattering (not!) pictures of me in my bikini and it’s just annoying because I’ve been working out so hard the last two months to really get in shape and loose a bit of weight I gained from coming out of the show.”

Continuing, the star explained that when she’s being papped, the photographers are sneakily hiding out at sea and she’s unaware she’s getting her photo taken.

“If you sit on the beach or by the sea, they come on jet skis and boats and you don’t see them, and I look out for it all the time because I’m always like, cautious of it.”

Molly-Mae continued to explain that the latter half of her holiday was spent trying to find places she wouldn’t be papped in.

Spending a few days with Tia Lineker and her boyfriend Harry at the family’s O Beach club, Molly-Mae wrapped up her video back in Manchester as the couple returned home from their impromptu holiday.


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