Molly-Mae’s Sister Opens Up About The Time She Almost ‘Turned On’ The Love Island Star

"It was such a weird time. I would not wish that on my worst enemy."


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We know that Love Island stars can be victim to trolls online, especially on Twitter, but this isn’t only hard for the stars themselves but also for their family and friends.

Molly-Mae’s sister Zoe has recently opened up about the true impact hate online has for family relationships. Sharing on her YouTube channel Zoe revealed that she one time almost turned on her sister because of what she read online.

During her time in the villa Molly-Mae received a lot of hate, people claimed that her relationship was fake and that she didn’t really like Tommy Fury, with the pair still going strong three years later it’s clear they were wrong.

Zoe said that she wouldn’t like to go back to managing her socials, after seeing the hate first hand, “Me being like I am, I was constantly reading stuff and I was getting super upset by things. It’s so bizarre because I remember at one point almost turning against [Molly-Mae] myself and believing what other people were tweeting about her.

“It was such a weird time. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I would rather be in the villa than being the family member in charge of the social media of someone who is getting so much hate.”

Being a protective big sister, Zoe said that she still checks what people are saying about her sister on Twitter and that she has a deal with Molly-Mae that she will only tell her what is being said if its really bad. Zoe said that her sister doesn’t use Twitter because, “If you don’t know what’s being written about you then I guess you’re way better off.”


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Molly Mae recently opened up about how much she relates to Tasha Ghouri on this year’s show, explaining during a vlog, “That was literally me guys. That was literally me. I feel sorry for her because obviously, we don’t know, I guess we’ll see when her and Andrew come out but you can’t accuse someone of being fake.”

Standing up for the professional dancer, Molly Mae told her followers, “I was basically ‘the Tasha’, everyone accusing me of being fake.”

“Everyone was saying I was with Tommy to get to the final and here we are three years on. So maybe Tasha will prove all the boys in the villa wrong”

The influencer also admitted she wouldn’t have guessed Tasha would be unpopular when catching up on the show. Only finding out about the drama when fellow Love Island alum Maura Higgins told her about it.


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As she confessed: “Unpopular opinion I know, everyone seems to like, hate on Tasha. That’s what Maura was telling me because obviously I’m not on twitter so I don’t really see. She was saying everyone seemed to have like quite a strong dislike of Tasha but I would never have picked up on that.”

“I know obviously it took her a while to like make things official with Andrew and settle down and stuff, but, I don’t know, I just don’t really think she’s been very problematic or done anything majorly wrong. Maybe that’s just an unpopular opinion.”


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