MTV Are Bringing Back Old Classics Like Daria And Made, And It’s Making Us Nostalgic

Bring them all back please!

Ah MTV – every 2000s teens heaven. From getting you through a sick day to teaching you about the perils of dating, MTV was sacred ground.

While the network still makes some decent shows, there is only so many Top 20 Charts we can take. Old school MTV had you glued to your telly for hours, each show more addictive than the next.

But it seems they have heard our prayers, and are launching MTV Studio to bring back some old classics to our TV screens.

According to Deadline, the channel will include a re-imagining of Daria, an update on Made and the return of The Real World, which was one of the first reality TV shows made.

These throwbacks are some seriously good news, but there are a few more classic MTV shows we’d give our right arm to see on our screens again.

Room Raiders 

MTV were the legends of wacky dating show ideas and this by far was one of their craziest. Contestants didn’t pick who they wanted to date based on looks or personality, rather on the contents of their bedroom. The catch: they have no idea their rooms are going to be raided until after they’re kidnapped from their house. Classic.

My Super Sweet 16

Get ready for tears, screams and tacky entrances. This show followed spoilt 15 year old girls (and the occasional boy) as they plan their extravagant birthday parties, complete with special celeb performances and excessive presents. Cringey bliss.

Date My Mom

Another one of the crazy dating shows that MTV did so well. This show sends singles on dates with 3 mothers of the sons/daughters they could potentially date at the end of the show. Each show would end on a beach with a limo delivering the three sons or daughters. Only after they’ve picked the date winner are the kids revealed and everyone is able to see the others. Hilarious.

Laguna Beach

One of the most loved MTV reality shows, Laguna Beach follows a series of teens living in the sunny Orange County without a care in the world. From fighting over boys, talking about sex and developing lifelong friendships, this show had it all. It was also always on top of pop culture, with the top 10 best hits of the early 2000’s accompanying all the bust ups.

Pimp My Ride

Say hello to some pretty ridiculous and unusable cars. The concept of this show was great: someone desperately in need of a revamp of their old beat up car gets it done up to look as good as new. But the show was so much more entertaining as presenter Xzibit would pick up on any little interest the person might have – so someone who liked basketball would get a basketball net in their boot, and the car would be covered bonnet to bumper in basketball paraphernalia. It always made you laugh.

MTV Cribs

There was nothing better than seeing the inside of one your favourite celebrities homes. From underground courts, to plasma-screen cinema rooms and walk in wardrobes the size of your kitchen, Cribs showed you the luxuries of celeb life. Some of our favourite celeb episodes were with the Osbournes, Sabrina’s Melissa Joan Hart, Mariah Carey and Aaron Carter.


Ah Ashton Kutcher, what a messer. The best prank show ever needs to come back to our screens. From set up bus crashes to angry casino managers, Kutcher just kept coming up with weirder and wackier ideas to trick his celeb friends. The likes of Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff, Jessica Biel and Ashlee Simpson all got punk’d pretty bad.


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