My 30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 8 – Have I Found Love At Yoga Class?

In between mastering her downward dog, Laura Somers reckons she might have found the love of her life at yoga class.

Girl at yoga class

Today is a new day and I was no longer the born-again novice that I was yesterday (well, kind of). I decided to attempt the 7am class again and this time I was determined to be on time (unlike day two).

I was ready and waiting outside the yoga studio at 6.25 am and in typical Irish fashion the weather changed from absolutely scorching to torrential rain by the time I made it to the studio. Apparently no one else felt it necessary to be 25 minutes early for class so I was waiting outside on my tobler in the lashing rain for 15 minutes.

Admittedly, this was not the best start to my day. I was cranky, soaked and dying for my morning coffee. However, once the class started I became zen. The exercises we started off with were so gentle and relaxing that I couldn’t help but hope this was how it would continue for the rest of the class, but apparently life isn’t that kind.

I found myself missing the once dreaded downward dog and lunges.

Today we introduced the pigeon pose, tree pose and crow pose – and yes they do look just as ridiculous as they sound. I found myself missing the once dreaded downward dog and lunges.

Everyone else seemed to take all of these poses in their stride. It seems that the people who get up for the 7am class are all dedicated and experienced yogis. Ugh.

Just as I was admitting defeat I spotted a seriously good looking guy out of the corner of my eye. As you know, I don’t usually appreciate men being in my class, but he was out of this world, like I kind of definitely wanted to marry him.

So obviously I spent the rest of the class totally distracted by his beauty, which obviously added to my already problematic clumsiness.

I left the class on such a high. I was so impressed with my early morning rise and I had found my future husband. #Win.