My 30 Day Yoga Challenge Diary: Day 7

Day seven of Laura Somers' 30 day yoga challenge and she's enlisted the help of YouTube to help master those tricky poses.

Bringing body and mind together

Heavily armed with protection against smelly feet and burly men after yesterday’s nightmare of a class, I make my way to my seventh yoga class of the challenge.

Today I gave the yoga instructor my full attention as I quickly realised that after my ice-cream sundae ‘mare on day four and the foot incident on day six I was not progressing as well as I had been in the first few classes. Somehow my yoga abilities have seriously deteriorated and I feel like a complete novice all over again.

So, what’s a girl to do? Um, turn to YouTube, of course.

Once back home, I searched for the three most basic yoga poses; the warrior, downward facing dog and the bridge, and then spent half an hour perfecting each one.

The result? I can happily say that I’m feeling a lot more confident, not to mention poised, and I’m really looking forward to my yoga class tomorrow.

Here are the three videos that really helped me go from complete beginner to, er, just beginner again.

Warrior pose

Downward dog

 Bridge pose