“My Husband Doesn’t Get Asked That Question” Michelle Keegan On Sexism In Interviews

The actress points out that women are more affected by tabloids and the media.

Michelle Keegan is speaking out about the difference between how she and her husband are spoken about in the media.

The former Corrie actress is married to TOWIE star Mark Wright, and says he isn’t asked the same questions as she is about their personal life.

Michelle is often reported about in terms of her body and her clothing and points out that  “women are more affected” by tabloids and the media than men.

“It’s like, as soon as you get married, ‘When are you having a child?’” she told Independent.co.uk.

“My husband never gets asked that question.”

She added: “I think it’s really invasive, for a start, and I used to answer that question all the time, but then I think to myself, well, why do I need to answer that question? It’s no one’s business. And I think now, even now, I’m still learning how to deal with things like that. I used to blab and go on about it, whereas now I’m like, ‘I don’t want to answer questions like that, it’s personal.’”

She adds that even when Mark is asked about their future, the focus is on what his wife wants.

“I do find it strange that my husband doesn’t get that question, or if he does it’s on behalf of me. It’s not like, ‘Do you want children?’ It’s, ‘Does Michelle want children?’ Just because I’m a woman. I do see the divide there and I do see it’s different, completely different. It’s quite frustrating.”

Michelle, who stars in Sky One’s new show Brassic says she copes by no longer paying attention to the stories in the papers.

“I haven’t read them for a long time,” she explained.

“You have to take it with a pinch of salt. I certainly do, and if I just see a headline and I go, ‘that’s rubbish,’ I don’t even read the article.”


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