#MyBlogLife: Meet Martina Reynolds of Martina’s Mark

Cardiac physiologist by day, fashion blogger by night – meet Martina's Mark, whose Instagram will make you seriously green-eyed.

Martina’s essential info

Name: Melanie Murphy
Age: 29
Instagram: @martinasmark
Snapchat: @martinasmark

Why blogging?

I started my blog in July 2014. The blog is meant to be my shy attempt to encourage inspiration in others and also to pinpoint my own perspective of fashion. I currently have 50,000 readers in an average month.

What do you think draws people to you?

I think people appreciate that the items I feature are extremely affordable. I shop mostly online too so any of the clothes I feature are obtainable to everyone.

Blog balance

I mainly work on my blog during the weekends but I’m constantly putting outfits together in my head or researching. I work full-time as a cardiac physiologist too. My job requires continuous professional development and examination that can be tough to balance with my blogging. I’m a big believer that you will always find time for things you love.

How did you work up a following?

On Instagram I’ve been featured on a few fashion blogging forums, and recently I was selected to appear on a fashion segment of TV3’s Ireland AM, which has helped massively with my profile and gaining more followers.

Do you get sent nice things?!

I’ve been very lucky – clothing companies have been really generous! That said, I would never wear anything on the blog just because it was sent to me. I’ve refused collaborations with companies before, because it didn’t suit my style.

Where do you get your outfit inspo?

I get my outfit inspo from everywhere! I love sifting through STELLAR magazine for inspiration – I know everything can be purchased in Ireland, which makes a big difference.

Who takes your pics?

I am so lucky that I have numerous “fauxtographers” willing to help me out – but my fiancé does most of the photo shootS. We use a Canon DSLR with a 50mm lens.

We have a wedding on the cards, congrats! What sort of dress will you be going for?

That’s under lock and key until June 2016!!

Where will you get your wedding inspiration?

Pinterest is amazing for weddings but you have to be careful one of your friends hasn’t nabbed the same idea too!

Favourite dress or outfit that you own?

I love my new Kate Spade dress, I got on sale recently online. It matches my style perfectly and is a timeless piece I will hopefully have for years to come.  While I love a good bargain, I don’t mind parting with money for quality.

What’s the most you have ever spent on an item of clothing?

To date, it would have to be my wedding dress but I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than €200 on a single item.

You have beautiful hair and skin, tell us about your beauty regimen?

Thank you so much! I actually used to suffer dreadfully with acne as a teenager and in my early 20s. I am pedantic about my skincare routine and take my make-up off every night. I recently invested in a Clarisonic face brush, which I swear by. I also love No7 skin products and drink plenty of water.

You’re in great shape! What sort of workout do you do?

I try to practise what I preach in work and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I go to an aerobics class twice a week with the amazing Siobhan of Cardio Sculpt, and try to hill walk whenever I can. I’m naturally petite but exercise for me is about maintaining a healthy body and mind.

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