#MyBlogLife: Meet Blogger Ayisha Ogbara From Diamants au Chocolat

She's the Irish blogger with a decidedly different approach: meet Ayisha Ogbara, who's broadening the boundaries of fashion blogging.

Ayisha Ogbara From Diamants au Chocolat

Tell us a little bit about your blog?

Ayisha’s vital stats

Name: Ayisha Ogbara
Age: 19
Website: diamants-au-chocolat.com

It’s really about exploring the meaning of luxury. We all find products from Chanel, Vuitton and Dior so luxurious but what about intangibility? What about the things you can’t buy? That’s what Diamants au chocolat establishes. I’m not interested in the new Valentino bag just because it’s Valentino. I’m interested in the story behind the brand and more importantly the people who designed it. My job is to find that story.

What makes it different?

A lot of fashion bloggers tend to talk about things on the ‘surface’, giving reviews, doing hauls, OOTDs, etc.; once it’s a trend they’re on it. I’d like to think of that as a reporter’s approach. My blog stands out is because my articles often sound like stories. They’re never journalistic.

Ayisha Ogbara From Diamants au Chocolat

Who takes your photos?

My best friend Kamile takes my photos, she’s so talented! We’re just back from the South of France where we filmed most of my summer looks.

Why mix fiction and non-fiction?

If I can’t live the life I dream of, I might as well write about it. So I created a mood section to help inspire my readers and me. My stories always have a positive ending and the reason for that is I want you to believe that a positive outlook to life is the key to happiness. Remember that the high you get from those new shoes or that new bag is temporary and will go away.

Ayisha Ogbara From Diamants au Chocolat

What makes a good story writer?

Creativity, a wild imagination and an open mind. Don’t say no to anything.

What’s influenced you the most?

I like to take a page from many books. Having said that, travel and people are the two most influential. Traveling is one of my biggest passions because it influences my writing so much. People being the second because you are who you surround yourself with.

Ayisha Ogbara From Diamants au Chocolat

Describe your personal style?

Preppy but playful. Sometimes I’ll be the girl in the long coat, turtleneck dress and over the knee socks, other times, the girl in the leather jacket and grey jeans.

Most expensive item you’ve ever bought?

My Macbook Air. Tech and travel are the two things I splurge on most.

Ayisha Ogbara From Diamants au Chocolat

What has been your best blogging experience?

I was invited to Movado’s A/W’15 press preview in London. I was pretty startled when I got the email to attend an event for such a well-respected company. The watches were exquisite – and Kerry Washington, whom I love, is also their new ambassador.

Any blogging tips?

  • Don’t be a copycat. The blogosphere is completely saturated with 80% of blogs being completely identical.
  • Write only about what you’re passionate about. That passion and love for what you do is always transparent in your writing. I never focus too much on what I’m writing about but rather the kind of emotion the content will evoke from my readers. My biggest goal as a blogger is to make people become zealous about life again.
  • If you want something bad enough, work for it no matter what.

Give us one beauty tip that you absolutely swear by?

Invest in natural beauty products that make you feel good from the inside out. Pamper yourself every chance you get.

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