#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets Andreea Opris From Your Beauty.ie

Andreea chats to us about how she makes her blog stand out and where she sees herself in five years time.

Andreea Opris Your Beauty

Name: Andreea Opris
Age: 31
Website: yourbeauty.ie
Facebook: Yourbeauty.ie
Twitter: @yourbeauty26
Instagram: @yourbeauty26
Snapchat: yourbeauty.ie

Tell us about starting your blog

My blog started on a whim almost five years ago, one boring afternoon, after countless months of reading beauty reviews and following fashion bloggers. Suppose I wanted to give my two cents about my beauty favorites and share some of my personal experiences. It’s a great way to document my life too.

How do you make your blog stand out?

Im an absolute perfectionist when it comes to my photography and I take pride in the quality of my image and visual aesthetics. Also, my blog is a mish mash of lifestyle, beauty and fashion so there is always something different to entice my 26k readership.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a casual girl at heart, I love a good basic teamed with a pair of comfy Converse. However I’m known to have a wide collection of pleats, stripes and girly dresses in my wardrobe for special occasions.

Andreea Opris Your Beauty

Who are your style icons?

I am absolutely obsessed with Blair from AtlanticPacific blog, she has a real talent in mixing different prints and bold colors to created the ultimate outfit. I would love to raid her wardrobe!

Who are your beauty icons?

I will always be in awe of how effortlessly beautiful Jennifer Aniston is. If I can look as good as her at 45 I will consider myself very blessed.

What’s in your handbag?

My minimal style is influencing my handbag content as well – give me a small, cross body bag in a bright color any day. I’m never without my DVF purse, iPhone, tissues, hair brush, lipstick and eye brow pencil.

Who’s your inspiration?

I will forever want to be Laura from Buynowbloglater.com; I instantly want and need everything she has. I’m also blessed to be part of a close circle of friends; my girlfriends are seriously the most impressive, amazing women that can positively inspire anyone.

Andreea Opris Your Beauty

Beauty essentials?

A good cleansing balm to get rid of all impurities and makeup, an antioxidant serum, high SPF moisturiser and hydrating eye cream. I have been religious with my skincare routine since I was 18 and never looked back.

In terms of makeup, Ive recently discovered the Anastasia Contour palette and the Hourglass Ambient Light powder and they just transformed my daily routine. My cheekbones never looked better.

Best opportunity?

Im very lucky since I’ve started my blog, to get invited to exclusive events and to discover the latest beauty products first hand. But im most grateful for the like minded people Ive met trough blogging, my supportive readers and the friendships created.

Top freebie?

I’m very appreciative of all the samples I get sent and im not going to lie, I’m on first name basis with my postman. I’ve received some great parcels throughout the years, but the best had to be an invitation to review a five star spa and hotel with an overnight stay. Ironically I never got to go because of my work schedule, but still that was pretty cool.

What’s your daily beauty regime?

I’m really into skincare and spend a small fortune on magic potions that promise they’ll keep me forever young. I love the Ren Glycolic Face Mask for its brightening effects, the Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 for daily protection and antioxidant boost and Clarins Santal oil for an overnight nourishment.

Andreea Opris Your Beauty

How important is healthy eating and body image?

When it comes to healthy eating, my philosophy is have a bit of everything to keep things balanced. In my teens I tried every fad diet – although I didn’t even need it – in an attempt to achieve unrealistic perfection. Now I believe a healthy body is a happy body and cake makes everything better.

Do we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves?

We most certainly do! Especially with the rise of heavily filtered Instagram photos and most of the times Photoshop-enhanced faces, it becomes hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I am currently six month pregnant with our first baby, so in five years time I see myself running around my child and probably blogging about it!