#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets Emer Rutherford From Penneys To Prada

Blogger Emer Rutherford has an obsession with Penneys. We chat to her about her top Penneys' picks this season, her go-to look and her ultimate style icons.

Name: Emer Rutherford

Age: 19

Website: penneystoprada.blogspot.ie/

Facebook: facebook.com/penneystoprada

Twitter: @PenneysToPrada

How often do you blog?

I blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. On average a blog post takes about four hours in total and that includes taking the photos, editing them and then writing the actual post. I’ve also designed and built the layout and logo for Penneys To Prada myself as part of my college course involves Photoshop and HTML so that takes a good bit of time too.

Would you ever consider full-time blogging?

It’d be great to have something I’ve built myself turn into a job, but for the time being it’s just a very rewarding hobby. It will definitely always be something I’ll do on the side.

What are your beauty essentials?

Recently I’ve been using Boots Botanics Radiance balm instead of foundation and my skin has never looked so clear. A good mascara is always my number one beauty essential and at the moment I love Benefits Roller Lash mascara.

What’s your go-to beauty look?

Lately I’ve been loving a more natural look. A flawless glowy base, a bit of bronzer to give the face some shape, strong but not overbearing brows and lots of mascara. I also love a bright pink lip for the summer months.

How would you describe your personal Style?

My personal style is very relaxed. I don’t follow specific trends. I like to pick and choose and create my own style.

Who are your ultimate style icons?

Lily Collins and Gigi Hadid. They both have quite a laidback yet smart, casual style.

Do you play it safe or dress to impress?

It depends on where I’m going, but I never wear a certain outfit to impress someone else, I think you should always wear whatever you like, as long as YOU like it.

What’s in your summer wardrobe?

I love H&M’s summer collection this year and Topshop have some really nice summer denim. I’m spending most of the summer in America so I think my most worn pieces will be white denim shorts, simple but cute dresses, printed muscle tees and Birkenstock sandals. I’m seeing a lot of bohemian prints already this summer so I think that the hippie, bohemian trend will be huge with light floaty dresses and off the shoulder tops.

What are your must-haves from Penneys at the moment?

Penneys swimwear this year is fantastic. I also love their summer footwear. Who can resist Birkenstock lookalikes for just €5? Not me anyway!

What are your top shopping tips?

1. Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll last a lot longer in the shops if your feet are happy.
2. Write a list of things you need to buy before you go to make sure you don’t forget anything essential.
3. Try it on. Sometimes clothes can look entirely different when you’re wearing them than what they looked like on the hanger.
4. Take your time. I like to browse most of a shop before going in and picking out things.
5. Shop around. Often high street shops have the same kind of styles in so have a look around to get the best deal.