#MyBlogLife: STELLAR Meets Youtuber Melanie Murphy

Youtuber Melanie Murphy has 225k subscribers and over 10 million hits on her most popular video. We chat to her about her essential vlogging kit, the perks of the job and her can't-live-without products.

Melanie’s essential info

Name: Melanie Murphy
Youtube channel: youtube.com/user/MelaNiieVideos
Instagram: @melaniiemurphy
Twitter: @melaniietweets

Tell us how you started your Youtube channel?

It began as a hobby and a way of making friends. My boyfriend persuaded me to start in the first place as I was so nervous and riddled with self doubt.

What’s in your essential kit?

Final Cut Pro editing software, soft box lights and a DSLR camera with a Sigma lens are what I use now. All the fancy equipment in the world is useless unless you go into it knowing that not everyone will like what you’re doing. Do it for you and nobody else.

How has your following grown since you started?

After two months I had 500 subscribers, after one year I had 100k subscribers and currently I’m at about 225k. It’s crazy!

What’s your most successful tutorial?

By far it’s my acne coverage routine that went viral last year and currently has over 10 million views. It’s still growing, too! It’s a beast.

Do you get a lot of positive feedback?

95% of the feedback I get on my videos is positive! I’ve only had the odd comment from men who rant about how women aim to deceive them with make-up.

What’s your favourite thing about the job?

The fact that I’m my own boss, that I can work from home, and help a lot of people from my bedroom. Mind-blowing!

And the most difficult part?

The stress of doing everything alone. When you’ve so many people following your every move, it’s inevitable that you worry. Also, a social life is near impossible. I’m always in work!

What’s been your best freebie?

The flights and tickets to VidCon in LA that my network BBTV provided me with this year. I. Am. So. Excited!

What are you most proud of?

How far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown as a person. I feel so fulfilled and happy and confident.

Tell us about your struggle with acne

Acne eradicated my self confidence. I’d do everything and anything to avoid people seeing it and I’d be aware of it every second of every day. I decided to accept my skin and work on getting rid of it rather than constantly beating myself up. Opening up about it online surprisingly did so much for my confidence levels.

What treatments do you recommend?

Water, a healthy diet full of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, stress reduction practices like yoga, a solid, nourishing skin care routine containing ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide in low doses, plus lots of moisture! Also, supplements and facial treatments in clinics can be super helpful. Most importantly we need to diagnose food intolerances.

Any particularly good products?

I adore the Clearogen range and the Soniclear facial cleansing brush.

Do you still get self conscious?

I’m a lot easier on myself now. I’m healthy, I have all my senses, I know awesome people. A little spot or some love handles will never hold me back ever again. I feel women are so hard on themselves because they’re comparing themselves to other people constantly. If we could only stop doing that we’d all be so much happier and healthier.

What are your top products?

Vichy Aqualia Thermal power serum, Benefit Roller Lash and the Real Techniques make-up brushes, plus Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

How often do you go make-up free?

Several times a week. I never used to, but it’s important to give the skin a break and to get used to your natural face.

Do you only use expensive products?

No. Some of the best products are natural and affordable, like coconut oil for makeup removal and manuka honey as a face mask.

Who’s your beauty inspiration?

Myself. I aspire to be my own kind of beautiful, and do things my own way.

Any advice for other girls?

Understand that everyone goes through a phase where they don’t feel comfortable in their skin – it’s all about becoming comfortable. It’s far too easy to get used to putting yourself down and seeking validation from other people. Accept compliments, don’t compare yourself to anyone else because we’re all different.

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