#MyBlogLife: We Meet Rebecca O’Byrne From Haute So Fabulous

Rebecca from Haute So Fabulous shares her top tips for aspiring bloggers, her favourite fashion picks and her fail-safe outfit of choice.

Vital Stats

Name: Rebecca O’Byrne

Age: 26

Website: hautesofabulous.blogspot.ie

Twitter: @HauteSoFabulous

Instagram: @HauteSoFabulous

Why blogging?

I started my blog two years ago. I didn’t want anyone to know it was me though and for the first year I never posted my name or any images of me. I was scared of judgement, coming from a small town, but over time it’s helped me grow and become so much more confident just being myself.

Blog balance?

I blog four to six times a week as it’s becoming my career path.

Top opportunity?

I was sent to New York Fashion Week by a US company I write for to report on some amazing shows. I sat front row at one show and had to pinch myself. And yes, Anna Wintour is pretty fierce.

What’s been your best freebie?

It’s lovely to get a pretty dress in the post but experiences are much more meaningful. I genuinely have to love a brand or product to work with them and I only ever post about people, places and things I actually love.

What makes a good blogger?

Someone who is fearlessly themselves and isn’t afraid to say no to opportunities, however lucrative they may be.

Your personal style?

Classic with a twist. I never follow trends.

Shopping favourites?

Zara, BT2 , COS, Club Monaco and Kildare Village.

Summer trends?

Definitely white. A white pair of skinnies teamed with a cute shirt and some pretty flats.

Summer wardrobe?

River Island has such cute beachwear this year. Zara and H&M are great for cute pieces and I really love Parfois for accessories.

Summer plans?

I’ll be going to San Fran and LA in June. Lots of exciting things will be happening with the blog while I’m there. And in September, I’ll make a trip to NYC.

Fail-safe outfit?

Black skinny wax jeans, a white shirt, I layer jewellery on my wrist and killer heels.

Biggest fashion faux pas?

To wear something you’re not comfortable in and that isn’t you. It shows in how you carry yourself. Your style should always fit your personality and never compromise who you are on the inside.

Top beauty brands?

I love my Nima Brushes. For foundation I adore Dylan Bradshaw and it’s always Chanel for red lipstick. I love Philosophy skincare and I love This Weekend from Roads as my new fragrance.

Salon recommendations?

At home in Trim I love Lauren’s Hair Design. In Dublin I’ll go to Dylan Bradshaw for a treat. I’m slightly addicted to Gelish so for nails I go to 5th Avenue, Tropical Popical, or Clodagh’s Nails in Blackrock.

Socialising spots?

Sophie’s at The Dean is super fun and the Espresso Martinis are delicious. I love Upstairs at Kinara Kitchen in Ranelagh. I could live in Clodagh’s Kitchen, Blackrock and I love Saba for dinner and Balfes for lunch.

Tips for an aspiring blogger?

  • Be yourself.
  • Do everything from a place of passion.
  • Work hard and stay focused.
  • Be confident in what you do.
  • Don’t be afraid to be different.

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