#MyBlogLife: We Meet Top Irish Blogger Lauren Arthurs From Love Lauren Blog

Lauren's hit nearly 45K Instagram followers, and all before her blog's even turned three. She gives us an insight into the glam life of a blogger and tells us what trends we need to watch this season.


Name: Lauren Arthurs

Website: lovelauren.eu

Instagram: @lovelauren_eu

Lauren, what would you say has been the key to your success as a blogger?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what made it take off the ground for me, but I’ve always had an eye for styling outfits that are affordable and easily accessible. People like to be able to relate to brands and outfits, and if you’re a shopaholic like me, you’ll want to go out and buy a piece without much thought or breaking the bank. I still remain a high street girl so maybe that’s the reason. People can relate to my blog on a realistic level.

How long has it taken to build up your massive following?

My blog will be turning three on the 1st of January so we’re only young still. I’m delighted it has taken off so quickly and I’m really super grateful for my following!

What should every blogger invest in?

Definitely a decent camera for blog snaps. Such an important investment.


Who takes your photos?

It generally varies between my sister, boyfriend and friends but recently I’ve been collaborating a lot with photographer Eric Barry from Blink Of An Eye. He’s based in Cork and he’s amazing. I’m pretty fussy with my photos and he’s a patient man.

Tell us what a typical week looks like for you

Well there are lots of events to attend, a lot of photoshoots, and a good bit of travelling too. There are also days where I’ll sit at home for hours catching up on admin stuff. This is the less glamorous side of things. As bloggers, we have absolutely no routine but that’s the part I love the most. The life of a blogger is busy, energetic and glamorous. Like every job though, there are stressful times, deadlines that have to be met and financial worries. Every week varies but almost every day consists of shooting different outfits and a whole lot of Instagramming!


How many events would you have to go to on an average week?

I guess it depends on the week and what brands and events suit your blog. You have to consider which ones you’re going to benefit from. This week I attended two events and I had a photo shoot. So far for next week, I have one event, one lunch and one dinner.

What’s the best thing about blogging? Has it opened many doors for you career wise?

Blogging’s my dream job and honestly, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. There are lots of great things about my job but one of the best parts is meeting the people that read it. There’s no better feeling then when a complete stranger tells you that they admire your work. It’s pretty cool. Aside from that, being my own boss is something that I’ve always wanted and of course I love the traveling aspect too. In terms of my career, Lovelauren has opened up so many doors for me and I’ve been incredibly lucky. Working closely with some of my favourite fashion brands is just incredible.


You always look impeccably put together. What are your secrets?

Thank you, I’m blushing! I don’t really have too many secrets, just key pieces in my wardrobe. Polo necks are my favourite winter piece. I think they look instantly chic paired with jeans and a long coat. I also love leather jackets, they’re a great investment. I wouldn’t be the best at doing my make-up to be honest so I tend to opt for a bold lip colour to make up for it. MAC Rebel and Ruby Woo are my favourite colours.


Is it a high maintenance lifestyle?

To an extent I guess it is, yeah. I like to have my wardrobe updated quite regularly as I shoot new content every week and I’ll always have my hair and nails done. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel right.

We see you’ve embraced the return of the Ugg boot! Do you think they’ll be sticking around?

I hope so! They’re so comfy and almost like an acceptable street style slipper. Let’s bring them back with a bang!


What trends do you envision being big this season?

I’ve seen lots of pink in brand lookbooks recently so I think that’ll be a massive trend this coming season. It’s a pity as I actually don’t think pink suits my colouring.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

I have a fab DSLR camera but the only annoying thing is that it’s so big and almost a pain to carry around. I think my next investment will be an Olympus Pen Compact camera. They’re so sleek and the perfect handbag size camera.


What are your must-have staple pieces?

A good leather jacket, a great pair of fitted skinny jeans, a nice big handbag and a glam pair of sunglasses. My Tom Ford’s are my babies!

Splurge or save?

Save. I enjoy shopping and I love to eat out in nice restaurants but I hate spending huge amounts of money on one thing.

Tell us about your beauty essentials. Do you follow a particular regime?

No, I must admit I wouldn’t have a great beauty regime at all! I only stopped using wipes as make-up remover recently. Now I use the Garnier Miceller Water instead. I do moisturise daily and I’d never sleep with make-up on!

Is blogging going to get even bigger in the next few years?

100%. Blogging is the new generation and I’m so grateful for that. It means I have the job that I’ve dreamed about.


We want to break into blogging. Any tips?

Good photographs are so important. I’d definitely cringe if I was to look back at some of my old photos that, at the time, I was happy with. Now there are so many fabulous photography and fashion blogs to take inspiration from. Brands like to see their clothing photographed well and it always helps to have a pretty Instagram feed. Work hard, post regular, quality content and attend events to get your name out there.

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