Netflix Have Released The Trailer For Fyre Festival Documentary – And It Looks Outrageous


Some of you probably remember the headlines last summer about the luxury festival that literally fell apart in front of our eyes.

Fyre Fest was marketed as a luxurius  festival on a private island, only for the ultimate high flyers. The event was endorsed by just about every supermodel of the moment, and customers paid whopping amounts of cash for the exclusive festival – that ended up being the biggest shit show of the year.

Well Netflix are doing an entire documentary about the ill-fated festival, and we’re actually buzzing for it.

Social media posts from the event showed that there weren’t enough beds to fit everyone, their ‘luxury’ meal was actually cheese on toast, and they had all paid thousands to be pretty much stuck on an abandoned island.

The trailer for FYRE: The Greatest Party that Never Happened has just dropped and it will be hitting our screens on January 18th.

We actually can’t wait to see the doc!


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