Netflix’s New Horror Film The Perfection Is Coming For Bird Box’s Crown

Get Out's Allison Williams is at it again.

Last year Netflix had a huge hit with Bird Box, which starred Sandra Bullock as a woman trying to protect herself from scary monsters who make the people who look at them go insane. You know, simple everyday stuff.

They’re trying to recreate that success with their latest film The Perfection, a twisty-turny horror that looks creepy as hell.

Get Out actress Allison Williams stars as a troubled cello prodigy whose rivalry with the new star pupil of her former school, played by Dear White People’s Logan Browning, leads both women down a dark path.

The trailer is packed with disturbing scenes of body horror, head-shaving, and… bugs. Lots of bugs in places they shouldn’t be.

There’s a definite Black Swan vibe to it, isn’t there?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Allison said the audience is supposed to be completely in the dark throughout the film:

This is a world in which people masquerade as one thing, but continue living another life, so the movie constantly – in terms of its genre and aesthetic – puts on different masks. It was heavy material to film, and at the end of the day, I always felt like maybe I’d been hit by, not a metro, but… a smaller vehicle.

Oh, so we have to work for our thrills, okay.

The film will land on Irish Netflix on Friday, May 24 – save the date if you want to stay in and freak yourself out.


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