New TikTok Makeup Trend Alert: Introducing Underpainting

It's key for looking uber natural.


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Another day, another viral makeup trend!

This time, it’s one you’re probably somewhat familiar with; but it’s been taken to the next level.

Introducing: Underpainting.

Underpainting is basically where you take the make-up that you would usually layer over your foundation, and put it underneath your foundation instead.

@caitlinmuirheadd Replying to @Phoebe Glauert In depth underpainting tutorial / technique🌟 #makeupforbeginners #grwm ♬ original sound – Caitlin Muirhead

And it’s not just concealer and bronzer – some people are even underpainting with blush and highlight too! Wild.

The benefits of underpainting are basically that you get an extremely natural, well blended and subtle makeup look.

It’s a way to change the appearance of the structure of your face without looking super caked; think A list celebrity levels of artistry!

@monetmcmichaeltrying “ underpainting ” my makeup for the first time – and it kinda GIVESSSS !!! what do u think 👀♬ SZA Low 2000s Rnb Remix – LUYA

So, how do you do underpainting?

You’ll really just be doing your makeup as normal, but you can go a bit heavier with your products, and foundation will go on last.

Use cream products so everything is seamless, and blend well but don’t be afraid if it looks a little out of place; the foundation will bring everything together!

@askellenbeauty Y’all have been asking me for the full underpainting routine – here ‘tis. #underpainting #makeup #nofilter #proartist #scottbarnes #kevynaucoin #kryolan #embryolisse ♬ original sound – AskEllenBeauty

It’s also key to pick a nice, sheer or lightweight foundation that won’t cover up all the work you’ve done with your ‘underpainting’.

Et voila – you’re only gorgeous!