Niall Horan Called Out A Fan For Being ‘Sh*t’ And Photographing Him Asleep On A Plane

He was NOT happy.

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As celebrities go, Niall Horan seems pretty down-to-earth: he takes the Tube, loves a good pint at home in Mullingar and is at his happiest when out on the golf course.

So it’s easy to forget that underneath it all, the Irish singer is still a globally recognised star, one-fourth of One Direction, and the subject of obsession for millions of diehard fans.

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That much became abundantly clear earlier this week when one such fan posted a photo online of Niall fast asleep on a plane, despite him previously telling her he was feeling under the weather and didn’t want any photos.

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“He was sick and asked for no selfies but here is a pic I snapped while he was sleeping,” the fan wrote on social media, adding that Niall had been “so friendly”… presumably while he was still awake, that is.

After being alerted to the presence of the photo on social media last night, Niall took to Twitter to call out the fan for what was a pretty blatant invasion of privacy.

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“I think this shit is unreal. I mean if you can’t sleep on a plane without people taking photos of you,what can u do,” he wrote alongside a screengrab of the photo and caption.

Some people, eh?


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