Niall Horan Organised A Very Sweet Surprise For His Fans Waiting Outside Jimmy Fallon

He went all out to try and warm them up from the chilly New York weather

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As celebrities go, Niall Horan’s pretty down to earth.

He catches the Tube.

niall horan

He loves nothing more than a pint and a round of golf.

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In short, he’s just a normal lad who happens to also be a multi-million-earning pop star. So when the singer heard a bunch of his fans were freezing their bums off waiting for him outside a TV studio in New York, he did his best to make them more comfortable, rather than being A-list about it and swanning past them.

A group of Niall fangirls were gathered outside Jimmy Fallon’s NYC studios earlier this week trying to get tickets to see the Mullingar man’s appearance on the show, when the singer himself pulled up outside. After joking with them for a minute or two, Niall drive off again, only to return a short while later… with hot drinks from Starbucks for those in the queue.

How sweet? Fans were told to put their phones away by the studio staff, so there are no photos, but according to this Twitter user, Niall told the gathered fans he’d had to visit four Starbucks branches before he found one that was open.

Sound or wha’?


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