Nicki Minaj Has Just Become A Character On Call Of Duty

Well that's...random.

Image via Instagram, @nickiminaj

In an extremely unexpected collaboration, Nicki Minaj is now a playable character on the video game Call Of Duty.

The rapper is the first female character to ever feature in the game – and honestly, her appearance is nothing short of iconic.

Nicky released a video on her Instagram showcasing her character, who is decked out in a pink metallic ensemble, silver bling, long pink nails and high heels.


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Her video game persona comes decked out with pink items to match her get-up, including a vehicle ‘skin’ (modification for your in-game car) called the Nicki Whip, and two themed weapons called The Baddest and Super Freaky.

Another feature included makes it so that all of the bullets Nicki shoots come out pink. Get it, we guess?

As for her dialogue in the game, the musician’s character has some feisty, Nicki inspired lines, including one where she says “Trust me, you want this bad bitch on your side.”