Nope, We Can’t Begin To Cope With These Wild Jen And Brad Rumours

Far-fetched, much?


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If there’s one celeb subject that we’ve all been guilty of talking about for literal years, it’s whether Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt are together, not together, meant to be, each other’s lobsters. It wasn’t that long ago when the whole world stopped to look at *that* wrist grabbing photo from the SAG Awards. But the latest tabloid headlines coming from across the seas have almost got us doubled over laughing. We all know that some celeb headlines can take the biscuit, but these rumours are kind of taking the whole packet and then some.

Seemingly, the pair are planning a wedding in Mexico, but that’s not even the half of it, and American tabloids are jumping on the bandwagon. Star Magazine added some fuel to the fire, claiming that they’ve actually been dating for the past few months. According to the International Business Times, Star Magazine reported that the two have “been hanging out secretly” in Brad’s Los Angeles mansion while they prepare for their supposed upcoming wedding. Hmm.


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They even went as far to add further details, like Jennifer’s ex Justin Theroux making the guest list. “They want it to be romantic and beautiful. The theme will be spiritual, and they’ll do handwritten vows. He’s including the line, ‘It’s you and me until the end of time’ to show Jen he’s planning to spend the rest of his life with her.” Talk about playing with our emotions.

Adding more fuel to the fire, there’s even rumours of Brad and Jen adopting a child together. “They want to get the wedding out of the way. Brad knows how rewarding it is to raise a child who needs a home and Jen’s eager to be a mom. It’s a dream come true for her to be part of a proper family!” Okay, no, let’s not.

Of course, most celeb rumours have to be taken with a pinch of salt, but we’re gonna go out on a limb here and bet that these aren’t the whole truth. They can’t even be labelled as a bad April Fool’s prank, as it all came out the day before. Sigh.


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