North West And Penelope Disick Are Taking Over TikTok

Keeping up with P and North...

It’s time for the next generation to shine!

North West and Penelope Disick have been popping up a lot on our FYP a lot recently, and you might not even know it’s them…

The pair have started TikTok accounts with their mom’s, Kourtney and Penelope’s is called kourtandp and Kim and North’s is called kimandnorth. Neither account is verified, but it’s officially them, Kim even posted her and North’s videos to her Instagram.


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This all comes after Penelope’s secret account got deleted since she was too young to be on the app, but it seems now that these accounts are managed by their mother’s (but we can see the creative is in their daughter’s hands) they can get back to TikToking.

The girls are really showing off their personal styles in the videos.

Can we take a moment for the aesthetic queen that miss Penelope is? She has created a style for herself making stop-start aesthetic videos and we are loving the inside look at the life of a Kardashian grandchild.

@pandkourt♬ masquerade – 𝐙

We can so see her using this creativity in her future career…

P also shared some sweet notes from her father Scott Disick in one of her video’s, it seems he often sends her flowers and she keeps all the notes, how cute!

Penelope made an appearance on her soon-to-be step-sister’s page too lip-syncing to a sound with absolute sass!

@alabamabarkerReply to @czczvvzvbbudzjfhf♬ LOSER – da big crybaby.

North has started off with more lip-sync and dance videos with her mom as well as outfit videos which she definitely has a flare for.

We love seeing Kim and North’s relationship in these video’s they are too cute!

@kimandnorth♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray

Both accounts already have over one million followers, if you want a sneak peek into the lives of the Kardashians (which we need while we wait for the new Hulu show), we recommend checking them out!

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