Not Fighting? Here’s The Real Reason Bradley And Irina Looked Like They Were Having A Lovers’ Tiff At Wimbledon

No, it's not because it wouldn't give her his sunnies.

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We’ve been speculating about the circumstances that brought about those Frosty pics of Bradley and Irina seemingly have a fight at Wimbledon.

Did Bradley get distracted by his ex Suki Waterhouse who was also at Wimbledon that day? Did he throw shade at Irina’s ex Ronaldo ahead of the Euro 2016 final? Or was Irina simply pissed he wouldn’t give her his sunnies?

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Well guess again, lady friend, because according to sources close to Bradley and Irina, the couple weren’t fighting at all.

The real reason Irina looked like she was crying? Um, pollen apparently.

Sources tell TMZ, that Irina was simply battling hayfever and that’s why it looks like she’s wiping away a tear.

And as for Bradley’s side-eye? They say he was just talking to tennis star Stefan Edberg who was sitting next to his GF.

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Sure, the pollen count might explain the tears, but what about the silent treatment and the general awkwardness?

If the couple were fighting, then we’re putting our money on one of their exes having something to do with it.


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