Okay, So Kris Jenner Bought Kendall A Mother’s Day Gift And Here’s Why

Something you want to share, Kendall?


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Over the weekend, you may have noticed that our friends across the pond celebrating their mothers day. After the initial panic of thinking we missed Mother’s Day subsided after realising it was the US’s version of the special day, we took to some of our favourite American celeb’s accounts to see what they were getting up to over the weekend – and one family did not disappoint.

Of course, we’re referring to the Kar-Jenner clan – or Klan, to keep on brand. With plenty of mother’s among them, there was lots of celebrating to be had. Wine was poured and gifts were exchanged, and strangely, the only child-less member of the family was included in the present giving.

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner organised gifts for all of her daughters to celebrate the wonderful mothers that they are, and second-youngest Kendall was included in that line-up. Immediately it got us thinking, has Kendall got some news to share?

But not, just before you go thinking that a new Kar-Jen is on the way, as it turns out Kris decided to include Kendall in the gift roundup as she is a mother in her own right – a dog mother, that is.

Kris also labelled each gift by tagging them with a picture of each of her daughter’s crying faces (honestly, iconic), to which Kim took to her social media to share:

“Ok, so my mum bought some gifts over for Mother’s Day,” Kim Kardashian told her 219million followers. “But I’m really confused. Mum, why all the crying faces [on the gift labels?] That’s just how you want to tag them? Does Kendall get a gift out of sympathy or what?”


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Replying back to Kim and clearing up the Kendall confusion, Kris quipped back:

“Because you guys have been a pain in the ass for 40-something years. But I do love you. Kendall’s a dog mum.”

Grand, no bother, very cool and normal. We’re just wondering where our Chanel pressie is for being dog mom now too, anyone else?