Olly Murs Shares That He Was “Devastated” At The Loss Of Caroline Flack

"She was a wonderful person."

In February of this year we learned that Caroline Flack had tragically taken her own life at the age of 40. Now, almost ten months on from her death, her friend and colleague, Olly Murs has opened up about how he’s coping with her loss.

Both Olly and Caroline worked together, hosting The Xtra Factor for one series, a spin-off of The X Factor back in 2007.  When Caroline spoke about that time she said; “When I met Olly for the first time I felt like I’d met my soulmate. It was just like meeting someone I’d known all my life.”

“I’ve never laughed as much as I did in 2007 when we first hosted The Xtra Factor and that experience will always stay with me forever.’


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In a new interview with the Irish Independent Olly spoke about her death; “I was devastated.”

He shared that Caroline was; “someone who I was so close to, someone that I loved very much. We didn’t see each other that much over the last two or three years, but we’d speak quite a lot.”

“Our lives were very busy at the time. But it was very hard to read the news and see what had happened to Caz.”


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The details of Caroline’s tragic death are very confronting as she was constantly in the media at the time. The presenter had reportedly just discovered that she would be facing trial for the alleged assault against her boyfriend, Lewis Burton.

Speaking about this Olly said; “I messaged her during that time and told her: ‘You are my friend and you have got my support. I am ignoring the news, I won’t be reading it…’”

“For her to reach the point that she did was so upsetting for me to read and to see, and after speaking to her family, and close, close friends, the fact that she took her own life was so hard for me to take.”

“The media, and the tweets, and what people wrote, was so hurtful to see, so horrible to see. She was a wonderful person. I want to remember her for the great times we had together, and the fun times we had… and not all the stuff that I saw and read at the end of it.”


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