Omar and Mimii’s Decision Rocks The Villa On Tonight’s Love Island

STELLAR PROMOTION: They have spoken...

Omar and Mimii are making their decision on tonight’s Love Island… and it’s about to rock the villa.

The pair have decided to steal from others’ couples, and explain their reasoning around the fire pit.

Mimii goes first and makes her intentions clear as she says: “This doesn’t mean it’s closed off..”

Omar has to choose between Patsy and Uma, and says: “Since walking into the Villa I feel like this girl has had a great bubbly energy when we’ve spoken and I’m interested in getting to know her much more. so the girl I would like to steal is…”


After that, Harriett is concerned that Ronnie may not like her all that much, as he’s still showing Jess attention.

Opening up to Patsy, she says: “He’s half coupled up with me, half coupled up with Jess. He’s taken me to the Hideaway…why has he done all of this stuff if he is not decided?

“You don’t say to someone you are thinking of them in bed all night. Why is he doing all of this? My heart is telling me to go for Ronnie but my head is saying don’t.”

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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