On Tonight’s Big Brother: Jenkin Calls Out Jordan & The Face To Face Nominations Begin

It's all kicking off

The final week of Big brother is upon us.

That means we’ve only got a few challenges left – and some shock twists for the ‘final reckoning’. Dun dun dun!

So, what’s in store?

On tonight’s episode, the Big Brother house has transformed into Big Brother’s Academy and the housemates are going back to school.

 Ms. Noky has been appointed Deputy Head Teacher with the responsibility of disciplining the students when they misbehave. Mr. Henry and Mr. Jordan have been appointed Head of Departments; the rest of the housemates are students.

 While teaching a lesson about law, Mr. Jordan says, “Raise your hands… if you are a game player in this house. Is it acceptable to be a game player?”

 Jenkin says, “No.”

 Mr. Jordan asks, “Why?”


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 Jenkin responds, “I think we’re all here for the experience, if you’re coming in with a preconceived notion of walking out of here with a specific amount of money, you’re in the wrong thing and you’re not building genuine connections with people and you’re just gonna kiss them on the bed willy-nilly and in the hot-tub and four times while I’m asleep.”


Later, on their lunch break, Jordan and Henry talk about Jenkin.

Jordan says, “Why does he hate us?”

Henry responds, “I don’t know.”

Jordan says, “He’s accused us of basically doing stuff for the cameras.”

Henry asks, “Do you think that’s what he was trying to get at?”

To which Jordan responds, “Yeah, I think he was getting at that I was a game player.”


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Jenkin speaks to Big Brother in the diary room and says, “I think Jordan’s playing the biggest game, that’s a given. And I think, is Henry a pawn in your game or do you have feelings because I don’t know, I don’t trust it fully and that makes me sad cause I know that Henry has these feelings, but I just hope Jordan isn’t just taking his for a ride as a guaranteed ticket to getting to the final, if that makes sense.”

Later on in the episode, things are about to take an even more awkward turn.

This week one housemate will be crowned the winner of Big Brother.

But not all of the housemates will make it to the final…which means it’s time for face-to-face nominations!

 Each housemate will stand up and reveal their two nominations to the rest of the house. The three housemates with the most nominations will face eviction.

In a series of shocking events, Big Brother tells the three nominated housemates that they have been evicted immediately and to leave via the diary room.


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Big Brother then tells them that they have not been evicted… yet. Instead, they will live in the secret spare room.

Big Brother tells the ‘evictees’ that “the public will vote for two of you to be evicted. Only one of you will survive. The housemate who survives will then return to the house.” 

Whilst they await their fate from Big Brother’s secret spare room, they are told they can watch their fellow housemates.

Big Brother says, “Big Brother sees it all, and now, so do you.”

Blissfully unaware they are being watched; will the housemates say anything that could rupture their relationship with the ‘evictees’?

And what will happen when one of them returns to the house?

Only time will tell…

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.