One Friends Fan Has Spotted A Jennifer Aniston Habit That Can’t Be Unheard

Have you ever noticed this?

Ah Friends, it hasn’t aged too well but it still comes up in people’s classic TV lists again, and again, and again. Maybe it’s because we’re in lockdown, but we’re all also starting to see more and more things about Friends that we haven’t noticed before.

First came the continuity errors, which were wildly irritating. We discovered that Matthew Perry’s actual dad appeared in the show, then along came the story of how Matthew Perry convinced Julia Roberts to appear in the show.

Now, one Friends fan has taken to TikTok to point something out about the show, or, in particular, Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel.

“So technically this isn’t a trope but what I’m about to say is going to ruin your life, especially if you are a big fan of the show Friends,” user @cts.trphe said in the video. “If you are a big fan of the show, I’m begging you, scroll away, because I’m going to ruin your life.”

They continued, “Jennifer Aniston has this vocal tic that she does at the beginning of every single sentence that she starts on any show that she’s in. It’s very specific and it’s very hard to unsee once you notice it.”

The video then showed how Jennifer Aniston starts her lines in the show, with a sound that’s akin to throat clearing. Like we said you can’t unhear it. The TikTok video which started it all has since been removed, but you can hear in the below video exactly what they’re talking about.

Although some jumped to the defence, to say that this is part of the character’s personality, not Jennifer Aniston’s. One wrote, “I thought it was just acting? To indicate that the character is uncomfy. She only seems to do it in situations that are a little awkward.” While another said, “It’s not a ‘tic’ it’s because the situation is awkward so the character tries to break the silence, Jen just does it as part of the character.”

Either way, that’s all we’re ever gonna hear now.