OnlyFans Confirm New Changes To The Platform Including A Cap On Tipping

These changes follow celebrities like Bella Thorne making millions off the app in record time.



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OnlyFans is a platform where creators can upload content with a paywall, ranging from comedy to music, but a large part of the sites appeal is made up of adult content. Users sell sexual photos and footage on the site with a monthly subscription fee as well as the option of tips and pay-per-view messages. This has become a noticeable trend in recent months with many people advertising their own page on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

OnlyFans has confirmed new changes to how the app does business. Confirming the rule changes with The Verge, the app has now introduced limits on new users abilities to tip, including a cap on pay-per-view posts and private messages.

Discussing the new rules, OnlyFans explained that there will now be a cap of €100 on a user’s first four months. This, in turn, might stop anyone solely joining the app to spend money on celebrities, something which has caused issues for creators in recent times.

After the four month introductory period, the capping limit will double and return to what users have been previously familiar with.

Speaking about the changes, OnlyFans added that it’s an “evolving process”, and they’ve also changed how they pay out users in certain countries, lengthening the payment period to 21 days, to ensure “protection” on both sides.

The app also addressed that these changes have nothing to do with Bella Thorne making millions off the app, despite uproar from niche creators, who vented their anger online at famous people’s access to join OnlyFans, “kick creators off and mess with their business models”.


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Last week, Bella Thorne made headlines after the major cash she earned on OnlyFans in just under two weeks. In a series of tweets, Bella apologised for taking away work from small creators who rely on income from the app. Explaining herself, Bella said she made her account to “bring attention to the site” and “remove the stigma behind sex, sex work and the negativity that surrounds the word sex itself by bringing a mainstream face to it”. She also shared her sympathy for those she upset saying: “In this process I hurt you and for that I’m truly sorry.”

Many Irish creators have openly admitted to using OnlyFans and finding it very profitable as a source of income. Last month Irish TikTok star “Kneevo” explained that she made €100,000 off the app in one month.

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