Oops! Twitter Is Roasting RTE For Making This Major Blunder On Last Night’s Weather Forecast

"Is there some sort of apocalypse happening in Galway tonight?"

RTE Weather Blunder

Folks in Galway may have gotten a bit of a shock when they tuned in to last night’s weather forecast on RTE.

Despite temperatures for the country ranging between 6 and -1, it seemed Galway was in for an awful night of it, with the forecast map stating the temps would dip to -13.

Sure, we’re well used to some pretty chaotic weather here in Ireland, but -13 in one part of the country, and 6 degrees in neighbouring county Mayo?! Surely not.

Eagle-eyed viewers across the country were quick to spot the error and wasted no time taking to Twitter to fire off a few tweets about the blunder.

You may baton down the hatches, lads.


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