Oscars Set To Be Postponed Due To Lack Of Films Being Made

This will be the fourth time the show is postponed in 93 years.


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The Academy Awards looks to have a major shakeup this year as reports have started to circulate that the 93rd awards show could be postponed for up to four months.

The biggest night for the movie industry is meant to take place on February 28, however, due to the coronavirus and the lack of films being made, it’s making it more challenging for the awards to operate as normal. As many studios delay their films and others, shut down production entirely until they’re given the green light to film again, the ceremony organisers are now left in a situation where they feel it might be better to postpone the awards until they have enough content to showcase.

Movie studios will now be told they have a longer window to submit their films and movies with early 2021 release will still eligible for awards.

Usually as summer ends, we see a lot of Oscar-worthy flicks hit the big screen as producers and directors want fans to keep their movie in their thoughts as they approach the awards in February.


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“Film studios have been informed of the plans and are now drawing up their release dates accordingly. But with everything still so up in the air, it’s all rather tentative at the moment,” a source told The Sun.

Dawn Hudson, CEO of the Academy said she’s in “constant conversation with all parts of our community from studios to filmmakers to theatre owners” in order to make a unanimous decision on what’s going to happen, with everyone in support.

This will be the first time in 40 years that the show has been postponed. In 1938, 1968 and 1981 the show was postponed due to flooding, the assassination of Martin Luther King and the attempted assassination of Ronald Regan.

We expect a statement from the Oscars in due course.


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