So Ruby Rose Is Tearing Katy Perry To Shreds On Twitter Right Now

"I've always stood up against things I think are cheap or mean spirited."

Rumours have been circulating for a while now that Katy Perry would soon release a song that would diss Taylor Swift, in continuation of their Bad Blood feud. And voila, the track, entitled Swish Swish, dropped overnight and it’s shady as f*ck.

The singers haven’t been on speaking terms since 2013, when Katy reportedly poached three of Taylor’s Red World tour dancers for her own Prism tour, mid-way through Taylor’s run of gigs… #Sneaky.

In the song, Katy sings, “Your game is tired, you should retire, you’re about as cute as an old coupon expired…” and while she doesn’t mention Taylor’s name specifically, she refers to her as “a sheep” which she has openly done in the past.

Have a listen for yourself…

One of Taylor’s close friends, model and actress Ruby Rose, took to Twitter last night to put Katy in her place. Ruby said, “‘Purposeful poop’ to ‘bomb a petit’ to a sloppy mess of writing over the top of Funkagenda… stop trying to make ‘Wit… I mean ‘fetch’ happen.”

With “Wit” being a reference to Katy’s upcoming album ‘Witness‘, and “fetch” being a reference to the lead bully in Mean Girls, there’s no doubt that Ruby is hitting out at the Swish Swish singer for being bitchy.

Ruby also slammed Katy for back-tracking on her “political activist” agenda to compose a song that attacks a fellow woman. She tweeted, “I just think with everything going on in the world to go from rebranding as political activist only to ditch it and go low… is… a bummer.”

Katy has openly spoken about LGBT rights and even declared herself a feminist, so Ruby is disappointed that this latest song attempts to tear Taylor down.

What do you think of Swish Swish? Is it petty bitchiness or is Ruby simply overreacting?

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