Our Obsession With Culchie Uncles And Why Matt Damon Is Returning To Ireland

Another week calls for another SKIM through all that's happening in the world of celebs.

From celeb gossip to fashion and food, it feels like no stone was unturned with our latest episode of The Skim (which has just dropped, huns!)

Meeting virtually once again to digest all the gossip and have the chats, our presenters Denise Curtin and Rebecca Keane took a deep dive through all that was happening in the entertainment headlines this week and well, Ireland seems to be a particular trending topic.

Last week it was all about the shelbs currently in Ireland shooting movies from Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey to Sarah Hyland and this week, it’s about why Ireland is just so ‘bleedin’ great.

Firstly, we have the news that Matt Damon is returning to Dublin to be once again crowned our Dalkey Bae, yes, he’s buzzing to come back, we’re buzzing to have him and it’s all for the book festival – we know! Listen to more below!

As for other reasons why Ireland reigns supreme, well you might have seen we’ve caught international news for making Matt LeBlanc our own, crowing him the ultimate culchie uncle. Yes, the viral memes of Matt looking like a relative who owns a lot of land have gone viral across the waters and well, TMZ just isn’t getting the joke. Especially because they think we call our uncles “Da”…

Listen to more below!

Aside from that, there’s chat about why fisherman shoes (hold the bait) havre come back in fashion for summer 2k21 and why a spaghetti pizza has us divided.

Yep, it’s all on the latest episode of The Skim. Make sure to comment and rate us if you’re loving what you’re hearing.


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