Paul Mescal Defends His GAA Skills After Unseen Footage Emerges On Twitter

'For the record I am a defender and this keeper was very, very good'


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Normal People’s Paul Mescal had to clear the air yesterday after the series director, Lenny Abrahamson threw the star “under the bus”.

Sharing rushes (also known as raw footage) to Twitter, Lenny showcased what really happened before Paul scored that impressive goal in the first episode of the show.

Explaining that the goalie saved an impressive two goals before they got the shot of Paul scoring, Lenny jokingly explained that he had to have a “quiet word” with the talented goalie.

However, Paul, who once represented Kildare at minor and U21 level, wasn’t going to leave the Oscar-nominated director’s comment slide that easily and jumped to his own defence.

Explaining that he has been thrown “under the bus”, Paul added that he’s not used to scoring (wait until the bars open again, sweet Paul).

In order to get a real sense of a GAA game, Daisy Edgar-Jones, who plays leading lady, Marianne, revealed that they shot a full game and she couldn’t get over how “very talented” her co-star, Paul was on the field.

Reminiscing about the day, Daisy noted a big blunder she made, having never seen a GAA game before.

“God, I remember this thing happened on the day when we were filming the big football match scene,” explained Daisy.

“I was watching the guys take to the field and I noticed that there were these two men in lab coats by the goal posts and I couldn’t figure out what they were doing there.

“I thought that these two guys had wandered on to the set and were just watching the game or something.

“I was getting a bit worried and then someone told me that they were referees in the game and I was careful enough not to say that to anyone else,” the star told the Irish Independent.


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And although Paul loved getting back on the pitch to film the GAA scene, his own GAA career was previously cut short due to a broken jaw. Speaking to GQ last month, Paul noted it as a moment of clarity, and a push to pursue acting.

Well, LUCKY for us, eh?!