Paul Mescal is a “gentleman” Says Carmen Costar Melissa Barrera

That's our Paul!

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We don’t know about you, but we’re highly anticipating the release of Paul Mescal’s latest film Carmen.

Starring alongside Melissa Barrera and Rossy de Palma, Carmen is described to be based on Georges Bizet’s opera based on the same name, which was first performed in Paris in 1875.

This story follows Aidan (Paul), a U.S. Marine back from two tours of Afghanistan and Carmen (Melissa) who’s a Mexican immigrant heading north after her mother’s murder.

Forced to flee her home in the Mexican desert, Carmen has no choice but to trust her independent spirit and fierce senses as she makes her way up north to Los Angeles.


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Now, Paul’s co-star Melissa is opening up about her friendship with the Maynooth native.

The pair didn’t know each other before filming, with Melissa having joined the cast in 2018, and Paul two years later, however, it didn’t take long for a close friendship to form as filming in Australia meant they would both be spending Christmas with each other.

Speaking to NME, Melissa said: “We went out and had a little Christmas dinner together and Paul got me this gift – a journal – and I felt so bad because I didn’t get him anything in return.

“I felt so horrible! But that just shows what kind of guy he is – a gentleman. He’s all about the details. He cares.”


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When filming commenced, Melissa admitted that all their insecurities were out on the table.

“You get to know each other on a very deep level because when you’re spending that amount of time dancing together, all your insecurities are coming out and you have to trust each other fully,” she told the publication.

Joking about Paul witnessing her make a fool of herself, she also added that he was there to celebrate when she nailed a scene too.

Adding: “It’s hard not to have chemistry with Paul, right?”

Dead right Melissa!


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