Penneys Are Selling Gems For Your Bum And We Have A Lot Of Questions


Festival season is fast approaching and we all know what that means – some fab OTT outfits, bags of cans and an excessive amount of glitter.

We personally feel the more glitz the better, however this new festival inspired product in Penneys has us asking a few questions.

Forget gems for your face, Penneys are now selling gems for your arse… yep, your arse.

We have so many questions that we need someone to answer. I’m going to leave them below in hope that Penneys will respond.

  1. What is the intention? They’re obviously worn to be seen, but are Penneys suggesting we go to Longitude in our knickers?
  2. Sitting is going to be an issue. How can we sit on a toilet/chair/any surface with plastic gems on our bums?
  3. Do they come with matching boob gems? Surely you can’t have one without the other.

Here they are on the Penneys Instagram, but I feel like we need to see them on a real human arse before we make any decisions.

Will you be heading out to buy these before festival season?


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